About LUSC

Director of Coaching; Brendan Donahue

Lexington United Soccer Club (LUSC) is the culmination of years of effort by Town of Lexington Recreation Department employees, volunteer organizers, and parents.

Youth soccer began over 30 years ago in Lexington when the Town Recreation Department began a fall Saturday morning program for kids. Over the years, the Recreation Department promoted and nurtured the program, and expanded it to include older children as well as a spring program. Two independent soccer organizations, LYS (Lexington Youth Soccer) and LISC (Lexington Independent Soccer Club) evolved, representing both travel and in-town teams. Today LUSC (representing the merger of LYS and LISC) provides one of the state’s most progressive soccer programs, providing a developmentally appropriate soccer program and game opportunities for interested Lexington children, a program that is a “fully-inclusive, age appropriate, child-centered, fun experience.” *

LUSC is a community-based, inclusive, volunteer led and managed soccer club. LUSC provides the organization, guidance, professional coaching, and training for volunteer coaches at every level, thus enabling all interested children the opportunity to play soccer in Lexington.

In-Town Programs: There are many opportunities throughout the year to play soccer. All the in-town programs strive for a non-competitive atmosphere.

LUSC also runs winter and summer programs and clinics for all ages.

In all of the in-town programs, the atmosphere is non-competitive, and we strive to create balanced teams comprised of a mix of talents and skills.

Travel Programs: In the Travel program, offered to children in grades 3 – 12, we create teams based on the skills of players and enter the teams in the BAYS (Bay Area Youth Soccer) league divisions based on their ability relative to teams from other town soccer clubs.

LUSC is run by a 30 member Board of Directors, including a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Clerk and Division Directors for all of the age levels.

LUSC also employs a full-time Director of Coaching, Brendan Donahue.  Brendan began work with LUSC during the spring of 2006. He has implemented a variety of drills, lesson plans, and manages the external professional coaching as to provide the most favorable playing and practice environment for all age groups.

*Michael Singleton, Head State Coach and Director of Coaching Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association, United States Youth Soccer National Staff Coach