GU14 Fury/Blue Hawks Are Champions at Columbus Day Tournament



Congratulations to the combined LUSC GU14 Fury/Blue Hawks team for winning their group’s championship at the 2014 Natick Columbus Day Tournament! The team finished first in its bracket (3-0) and ended up 5-0 overall, outscoring their opponents 10-1 and winning the championship with a 3-0 victory over Needham in the finals. Although the Fury/Blue Hawks went 5-0, each game was highly competitive and the girls played very well as a team and were able to triumph through outstanding combination passing, steadfast defense and goaltending, and clinical finishes. Players pictured in the photo are: (front row) Sydney Daruwala, Annie Daruwala, Fatoumata Sissoko, Hannah Sweeney, Sheyda Hershberger, Karen Foley, Anna Clough, Sophie Schadler (super fan); (back row) Isa Lundstrom Svahnqvist, Caroline Donaghy, Grace Smith, Pam Chiakpo, Lauren Mazza, Eliza Stokes, Danika Dai, Candela Amorrortu, Anne Grace Miniutti, Abigail Donaghy.

BU11 LUSC Team Reach Finals at Columbus Day Tournament



Kudos to a combined LUSC BU11 LUSC team that won its bracket with a strong showing and went 4-1 overall, including posting two shutouts. Coming in as an underdog, the team exhibited impressive determination and excellent play that helped them advance to the championship game where they lost 4-3 in a very exciting game with Natick. The referee commented to the coaches after the match that, “it was one of the most exciting finishes he has officiated.”  Players pictured in the photo are: (front row) Andrei Buchatskiy, Eric Deschner, Aiden McCarty, Eric Edmunds, Sam Ades; (back row) Sam Charney, Costas Lambrinos, Matthew Favazzo, Francisco Amorrortu, Sam Chung, Manu Amundsen, Leo Seidel, Emilio Silerio and Octavio Sanrame. Missing are: Jack Murray, Charlie Beverly.

BU12 Dynamos/Dragons Make Semifinals at Columbus Day Tournament



Kudos to a combined LUSC BU12 Lexington Dynamos/Dragons team that won its bracket at the 2014 Natick Columbus Day Tournament and advanced to the playoffs in exciting fashion, where they fell in the semifinals on penalty kicks against the Arlington Panthers. All four games played were thrilling, ending either in a tie or with a one-goal margin. The boys played extremely well as a group and improved significantly as the tournament went on. Players pictured in the photo are: (front row) Brian Healy, Fynn Jueppner, Josh Fein-Cole, Jacob Weinstein-Delahunt, George Athanasiadis, Matt Healy Ken Miyagawa; (back row) Chris Keefe, Sam Clough, Henry Graf, Matteo Arshad, Nate Croke and Matt Keefe.


U9 Player Evaluation Session Sunday, Oct. 26th

Due to scheduling conflicts for some players, we are announcing a new times and location for the U9 (3rd Grade) Travel soccer evaluation session on October 26th. Please see below.

In the spring of 3rd grade, LUSC families begin to have the option of having their child participate in either in-town or travel soccer.

Since the fall U9 program is kept exclusively in-town, LUSC will be conducting its U9 player evaluation session on  Sunday, October 26th, 2014 at Center Field 1 and 2 (110 Worthen Road — between baseball and softball field) .  

If your child does decide to participate in the travel program for the coming spring, it is important that families make every effort possible to have him or her participate in the evaluation. The data collected will be a critical component for proper team placement.

Note: This session is for U9 (3rd grade) players only.

Evaluation times:

  • 3rd Grade Girls (GU9): Sunday, 10/26/2014
    • All: 2:30 -4:00 pm
  • 3rd Grade Boys (BU9): Sunday, 10/26/2014
    • Last names A-N: 4:00 – 5:30 pm
    • Last names O-Z: 5:30 – 7:00 pm

Please arrive 20 minutes ahead of time and sign in (look for the table near the field).  Your child must sign in to participate.

There is no fee associated with the evaluation.

Participating in the evaluation is not the same as registering for the Spring 2015 travel program.  Registration for the Spring 2015 program will open in the next couple of weeks at  The registration deadline is December 10th, 2014, to guarantee a spot and avoid a late fee.

Please Note:  This is an evaluation not a tryout!  The difference being no player is “cut” or excluded from playing travel soccer.  LUSC will offer as many travel teams in the U9 age group as registration numbers dictate.  However, the evaluations are vital in that they help place the players on the proper team from a skill based standpoint.  Having proper skill based teams helps aid in the continued development and enjoyment of those that choose to play travel soccer. 

Please see additional information below regarding the format, frequently asked questions and the choice between travel and in-town soccer.  Thanks for considering the programs we are offering this season.  If you do choose to sign-up, please select the appropriate program from an enjoyment, development and commitment standpoint.

Evaluation Format:  The majority of the LUSC Evaluation will involve placing players in small sided games (4v4 or 5v5).  Small sided games provide players with the opportunity to have maximum touches on the ball as well as the opportunity to make numerous decisions in a game like environment in a short period of time.  Evaluators will be observing a player’s comfort level on the ball (technique), decision making ability (tactical ability), and athleticism.  Another reason for placing players in small sided games is that it is a familiar environment for most, if not all, LUSC players.  Hopefully, this takes away some of the anxiety that a more structured format may bring, while also allowing evaluators to observe the players in “game” conditions.


How important is it that we attend?

It is very important that every player come to the evaluation. The evaluations from this process plus the input and evaluations from this year’s coaches are the factors used for placing your child on a team that is developmentally appropriate.

Who conducts the evaluations?

While the evaluations are organized by LUSC, the evaluators are professional coaches from outside Lexington to keep the ratings independent. The evaluators may include college coaches, high school coaches, club coaches and so forth. A rotation process is used so that every child is evaluated by multiple evaluators.

What if my child is unsure about playing travel soccer next year?

Come to the evaluation! If the player decides to participate in the travel program in the spring, this data will be used, along with coaches’ input, for appropriate placement.  If the player chooses to remain in-town, the information can be used to help balance the teams for the spring.  

What if my child isn’t in the “typical grade” for his/her age?

For travel soccer teams, LUSC follows the rules set by BAYS, the league in which we play.  U9 would typically be children born from August 1, 2005 to July 31, 2006.  However, LUSC can ask for a waiver so your child can be placed with his/her peers. We advise you discuss your options with your child’s Division Director or coach before attending the evaluation session.

Is there another evaluation time for travel soccer?

No. This is it. Please attend.

Can parents watch the evaluation?

Parents are welcome to watch from a designated area, but must not involve themselves in the process.  Please refrain from cheering one group or another and make no specific remarks to any player.

What equipment do kids bring?

Please have players come as they would for a practice, including water bottle, properly inflated ball, shin guards, cleats or sneakers and sunscreen / bug repellent, if appropriate.

When will I learn the results of the process?

Team formations typically are finalized and communicated in January/February.

What if my child really truly cannot attend?  

Please notify your coach and the division director. We will do our best to place your child appropriately with the data that we do have.

Choosing between travel soccer and in-town soccer

It is the desire of Lexington United to create a proper learning environment for the game of soccer which is both fun and develops proficient skills in the game of soccer.  The values of fair play and sportsmanship are ones we hope to instill in all of our participants.  LUSC offers two distinct programs for players to participate in.  

Please consider the differences in philosophy and commitment between the two programs prior to selecting the one that is appropriate for your child.  The game of soccer is a team sport; therefore attendance at practice sessions is important for the development of not only the individual, but the group as a unit.   

The distinct programs are In-town Soccer and Travel Soccer. The four major differences between the programs are:

(1) Team Formation

The in-town program forms teams by mixing players of varying abilities in an effort to provide balanced teams to ensure that games will be competitive each weekend with no team having more “strong” players than another team.    In-town teams will often try to accommodate requests to place friends together on the same team as long as team balance is maintained.  

Travel teams are formed through placing similarly skilled players on the same team.   Teams are formed and then adjusted each year on the basis of player evaluations that are conducted each year by independent evaluators.  Minor adjustments to teams may be made between fall and spring to accommodate such things as: changes in fall to spring registration numbers, new players moving into Lexington and significant changes to a player’s performance during the fall season.  

Note:  Both In-town and Travel Teams are volunteer coached.  

(2) Game Locations

The in-town program will play all their games in Lexington against other Lexington teams. 

Travel teams are placed in the Boston Area Youth Soccer League (BAYS) and are placed in divisions with other towns according to team ability.  Travel teams will play half of their games in Lexington and half in other BAYS towns.  These away games could be as close as Arlington or as far away as Southborough depending on the other towns placed in the same division.   

(3) Scores, Standings, Post Season Play (Spring)

In the in-town program, no scores are kept during the game and no standings maintained.   There is no post season play. 

While LUSC places no emphasis on winning (or losing), the BAYS travel league does maintain an on-line system of scores and standings.  For U12 ages and above BAYS offers the possibility in the spring of post season play and participation in a statewide tournament.   

(4) Practices and Games

All in-town teams will have a pro-clinic session and the coach can choose to hold a second practice (recommended), with a game on Saturday. 

Travel teams will practice 2 times per week (pro clinic/team practice) with a game on Saturday.  


For more details, please see these links:

Other Programs

7 Saturdays, Diamond Field, 12:30-2:00 PM.

TOPSoccer (The Outreach Program for Soccer) is a community based program that is designed to meet the needs of children and young adults that have physical and/or intellectual disabilities.  [read more]

U9-U10 Skills Academy

The LUSC Skills Academy is a training program where U9-10 players (3rd and 4th graders) receive an extra training session per week throughout the year to create a 3 practice/1 game ratio.  [read more]


Under the Lights Schedule

center map

The Under the Lights schedule will begin on Monday, October 6th. This year we will have the addition of lights at one of the Lincoln Fields.

Please be aware that the lights at Lincoln have yet to be delivered and we won’t know how successful they are in illuminating all of the field until we actually get them placed.  If we deem that the field at Lincoln can’t be fully lite and it is unsafe to try to use the full space, we may collapse it to ¾ of the field and need to move some groups scheduled for Lincoln down to Center field.  Our hope is that this won’t happen, but we didn’t want to take anybody by surprise if it did.   Also attached is the layout we have requested for Center field.  There is quite a bit of space at Center, but on evenings that it is crowded we may need to restrict teams to a single box.

>> Under the Lights Schedule

Center Field map:


Field Status


See Twitter feed on home page for field status

Under the Lights begins Oct. 6th  schedule >

U9 Player Evaluations: Sunday, October 26th  read more >

Spring 2015 Registration
In-Town: grades K-4  register >
Registrations due by Feb. 1, 2015 in order to avoid late fee
Travel: grades 3-8   register >
Registrations due by Dec. 10, 2014 in order to avoid late fee
Travel: grades 9-12   register >
No late fee

Lexington United Soccer Club Night at the Revolution

Lexington United Soccer Club Night at the Revolution on Saturday, October 4th at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro — game time is 7:30pm. Come watch the Revolution as they battle for a playoff spot against the Columbus Crew. Don’t wait!

The Revs, led by newly-acquired US World Cup star Jermaine Jones, New England-native Charlie Davies, and LUSC SoccerFest 2014 guest and starting midfielder Kelyn Rowe, had been on a 6-game unbeaten streak until the Crew took a 1-0 win in Columbus. The Revs, sitting in 3rd place in Conference East, will be looking to even the score and move toward securing their playoff spot.

Tickets are Category I (in a LUSC-dedicated section near midfield) and are discounted for LUSC to $34 each (normally $49 each — 30% savings) – but they are limited in availability at that price, so don’t wait.

The Revolution will also be reserving a parking area space for Lexington United Soccer Club players and families for pre-game tailgating – more details to follow.

To Order Tickets Visit:

Input the special offer code: REVOLUTION

For more information or questions, please contact the Chad Smith, New England Revolution Front Office, 508-384-9266,

We hope you can make it and bring your friends and family for a fall night at the Revs.

In Memory of Jesi Watson

In memory of Jesi Watson, LHS junior and former LUSC and LPDA player, LUSC has made a donation to Team Jesi in their upcoming Light the Night Walk (