LUSC Evaluations

Every spring LUSC conducts evaluations for travel team placement for the following year’s fall and spring seasons. If your child decides to participate in the travel program in the fall OR the spring, this data will be critical for placement.

  • Evaluation dates and times: Spring 2015 Evaluation Schedule.
  • Please arrive 20 minutes ahead of time and sign in (look for the table near the field). Your child must sign in to participate.
  • There is no fee associated with the evaluation.
  • Please make sure you report for NEXT YEARS age group/division [see age chart for Fall 2015].
  • Participating in the evaluation is not the same as registering for the Fall 2014 travel program. Registration for the Fall 2015 program is open through our websites “registration” tab or by logging in to your “Family Account”. Please register before or immediately after the evaluations.

Evaluation Format:

The majority of the LUSC Evaluations will involve placing players in small sided games (3v3 to 6v6). Small sided games provide players with the opportunity to have maximum touches on the ball as well as the opportunity to make numerous decisions in a game like environment in a short period of time. There will also be a 1v1 station for one of the rotations for all age-groups. Both the small sided game and the 1v1 station are formats familiar to LUSC players and will allow evaluators to observe the players in “game” conditions. Evaluators will be observing a players comfort level on the ball (technique), decision making ability (tactical ability), and athleticism.

Team Formation Process:
LUSC has new information on the website that details the team formation process for both Travel and In-town teams. Visit the Team Formation page.


How important is it that we attend?

  • It is very important that every player come to the evaluation. The evaluations from this process plus the input and evaluations from this year’s coaches are the factors used for placing your child on a team that is developmentally appropriate.

When do 3rd Graders go through evaluations?

  • Evaluations to guide appropriate placement for 3rd graders on spring travel teams will take place during the fall season.

Who conducts the evaluations?

  • While the evaluations are organized by LUSC the evaluators are professional coaches from outside our town to keep the ratings independent. The evaluators include college coaches, high school coaches and so forth. A team process is used so that every child is evaluated by several coaches in several different situations.

What if my child is unsure about playing travel soccer next year?

  • Come to the evaluation! If the player decides to participate in the travel program in the fall OR the spring, this data will be used, along with coaches’ input, for appropriate placement.

What if my child isn’t in the “typical grade” for his/her age?

  • Your child should go to the eval of the group he/she plans to play with.  For travel soccer teams, LUSC follows the rules set by BAYS, the league in which we play. However, LUSC can ask for a waiver so your child can be placed with his/her peers. [Click here for more information of LUSC’s Age Group Policy] If your child is playing “up” with (older) kids in his/her grade, there are no restrictions. If your child is playing “down” with (younger) kids in his/her grade, we would need to obtain a waiver AND he/she may only be placed on a team that plays in BAYS Div. 3 or 4. We advise you discuss your options with your child’s Division Director or coach before making a decision, prior to evaluation week so your child can attend the correct evaluation session. [see age chart here]

Are there evaluations for High School aged players?

No.  Although LUSC doesn’t have fall teams for High School aged players, there are LUSC High School aged teams in the spring, but evaluations are not necessary.   Please check the website for more information.

What if my child is only playing travel soccer next spring?

  • Come to the evaluation! Whether the player decides to participate in the fall and/or the spring, this data will be needed for placement.

Is there another evaluation time for travel soccer?

  • No. This is it. Please attend.

Can parents watch the evaluation?

  • Parents may watch from the sidelines.  Please refrain from cheering one group or another and make no specific remarks to any player.

What equipment do kids bring?

  • Please have players come as they would for a practice, including water bottle, properly inflated ball, shin guards, cleats or sneakers and sunscreen / bug repellent, if appropriate.

When will I learn the results of the process?

  • Team formations typically are finalized and communicated after the end of school. You will therefore be notified sometime during early summer.

What if my child really truly cannot attend?

  • Please notify your coach and the division director. We will do our best to place your child appropriately with the data that we do have.

What are Goalie Evaluations?

  • Goalie evaluations are only for U13/14 players with an interest in playing goalkeeper.  We hold separate goalie evaluations at this age group because, for those players with an interest in keeper, we will consider a player’s goalkeeper skills as well as field skills in the team formation process. If a player is up for consideration as a goalkeeper for a team, the coach or division director will talk to that player about the position and expectation for the amount of game time as goalkeeper. Players with an interest in goalkeeper should attend both the general and goalkeeper evaluations.