Programs for High School Age Players

Spring 2016 BAYS Travel Soccer:  Sunday games and one weeknight practice. 7 Sundays, begins 4/24.

The following Programs are available for High School age players:

U16/U18 BAYS (Spring)

LUSC fields U16 and U18 boys and girls teams in the spring. These teams play in the Boston Area Youth Soccer (BAYS) league, and usually play in recreational divisions. There is typically just one team per age group, and thus there are no tryouts.  Games are played on Sunday afternoons, and the season lasts for seven weeks. There is usually one practice per week.

High School Pick-Up Soccer (Fall)

LUSC hosts a 7v7 high school aged co-ed pick-up soccer league to provide players an opportunity to play fall soccer in a supervised yet relaxed environment.

High School Spring Travel Team

Recognizing the number of players participating in the game of soccer through the U14 age group, local high school programs can no longer accommodate the number of players that enjoy competing in the game of soccer. LUSC currently has over 100 boys and girls playing soccer at the 8th grade level in Lexington. When these players go to high school there are only slots for approximately 50 of them to continue playing. As Director of Coaching and a Mass Youth Soccer Staff member, I’m often asked why kids stop playing soccer? My answer is that they stop playing because we stop offering programs for them to continue to enjoy the game.

Here is a basic outline of the fall program:

  • Boys and girls high school aged players will play in a co-ed 7v7 game for a 7 week period.
  • Games will be played Sunday afternoons time and field TBD.
  • Games will be pick-up style with teams being balanced to make the games more enjoyable.
  • No team practices.
  • Open to players of all abilities – no tryouts!
  • The league will provide an adult official/supervisor for all games.

LUSC feels that it is important that we reach out to our high school aged community and continue to provide programs that promote the game of soccer in a healthy and enjoyable way.

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Lexington Player Development Academy (LPDA)

Please see the LPDA page to learn more about the high school aged LPDA teams that are fielded in the winter and spring.

High School Mentor Program


A LUSC player mentor is a high-school aged soccer player who assists the coaching staff of a LUSC team.


This program benefits multiple parties in LUSC. Mentors benefit by having a chance to give back to the soccer community, and by serving in a leadership role that instills responsibility and commitment. Players benefit by seeing the technical and tactical level of older kids, by being motivated to continue their soccer careers, and by having more fun in practice. Coaches benefit by having technically qualified players demonstrate proper technique, and having an extra player to even up numbers and raise the level of the game. Finally, LUSC itself benefits by deepening the connections within the Lexington soccer community, and planting the seeds for future volunteer coaches.


The program runs formally only in spring seasons, as high school players are too busy in the fall with their own teams. However, they can mentor in the fall through private arrangement with individual coaches, but the same guidelines apply.

Mentors commit to attend at least one team practice a week. This would usually be the individual team practice, and not the pro clinic. In addition, the mentor is encouraged to attend home games.

Mentors are for teams U9 to U14. In order to maintain an age gap between mentor and players, 9th graders may mentor U9 to U11 teams, 10th graders may mentor U9 to U12 teams, and 11th and 12th graders may mentor U9 to U14 teams. Only girls can mentor girl’s teams, and only boys can mentor boy’s teams. LPDA teams can also have mentors, but priority goes to non-LPDA teams.

Mentors are not allowed to serve on a team which has a player as a family member, or is coached by a family member.

Mentors 18 or older need to be CORIed (contact Registrar). There are no special insurance requirements.

Mentors do not receive BAYS coaching cards, nor should they be listed as assistant coaches on rosters. If they are present at a game on the coaches’ sideline and are asked to leave the sideline for not having a card, they should obey. In no circumstances should mentors be the only team official present on game day, or asked to run a practice without other adults present.

Mentors must notify the coach before the season if they wish to obtain Community Service hours. It is the responsibility of the mentor to provide the necessary form to the coach to sign.


Mentors should behave in a responsible, adult manner. They should see their role more as a coach, and not as a player. They should instill respect for the game in the players.

Mentors are recommended to take the MYSA G coaching course. This is typically offered in Lexington just before the spring season. LUSC will reimburse the course fee for mentors.

Coaches should not rely on mentors to formulate practice plans or lead practices. Mentors are there to assist coaches, not to do the job of the coach.

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