Before contacting us, please see if you can find the information you are seeking here on this website.If you are unable to find the information, use the following guidelines for contacting LUSC staff and volunteers. Please also read the notice on the right regarding methods of communication.

  • If your question is related to your child’s team, games, coach or practice times please look up the appropriate division director on this chart and contact them.
  • If your question has to do with registration, or waivers, contact Mary, our registrar. Note: we do not offer fee waivers for jersey or uniform costs.
  • If your question is about website content or schedules please contact Nina, our web-admin and field scheduler.
LUSC Board
Co-Presidents John Clough
Tom Shiple
Vice President Neil Sheth 781-652-8222
Past President Joy McCallum
Treasurer Lauren Weiss 781-652-8581
Clerk Jack Lloyd 781-861-1496
Advisor to EC Dennis Rourke 781-860-7605
General Members
Matt Keis
Tim Carruthers 781-861-8367
Jen McKinley 781-862-2729
Nick Clarke
Joanne Shorter 781-861-0833
Catherine Gill
Curt Wu 781-652-8044
Maura Penzone
LUSC Staff & Volunteers
Dir. of Coaching Brendan Donahue 617-529-9865
Asst. DOC Tom Heimreid 857-301-0190
Registrar/Admin Mary Trometer 781-674-1028
Web/Schedules Nina Johannessen 781-862-0089
Fields Coord. David Sheehan 339-223-2651
Equipment Mark Charney
Suzanne Lau
Juan Patarroyo
Referee Coordinator
Genci Kutrolli 781-316-4031
BAYS Rep. Dennis Rourke 781-860-7605
Town Liaison Len Heinrich 781-862-3967
TOPS Program Paul Clough 781-862-2374
In-Town Program – BOYS
Boys U6 Brendan Donahue
Mary Trometer
Boys U7 Cameron & Greg Moody 617-620-2251
Boys U8 Armen Arakelian 617-875-5722
Boys U9/10 Jack Lloyd 781-861-1496
In-Town Program – GIRLS
Girls U6 Brendan Donahue
Mary Trometer
Girls U7 Jagesh Shah 617-697-2602
Girls U8 Neil Sheth 781-652-8222
Girls U9/10 Curt Wu 781-652-8044
BAYS Travel Program – BOYS
Boys U10 William McCarty 339-987-8147
Boys U11 Joy McCallum 781-861-0762
Boys U12 Steve Kaufman 781-674-9161
Boys U14 Dennis Rourke
Jay Eidson
BAYS Travel Program – GIRLS
Girls U10 Todd Barrett 781-710-2666
Girls U11 Jen McKinley 781-862-2729
Girls U12 Greg Moody 781 862 2624
Girls U14 Tom Shiple
Todd Barrett
High School Program (U16-U18)
Boys/Girls U16/18 Todd Rhodes 508-494-9850
Clinics & Winter Soccer
Clinics/Winter Brendan Donahue 617-529-9865