Important Information About Goals

**BE SURE TO: Counter weight goal back bar with 2 sand bags: Goals without two sandbags as counter weights, represent hazards to kids.

Now that we’ve kicked off the start of the soccer season, I want to remind all of you about a few things regarding the goals at the fields in town. The 11v11 soccer goals should not be moved once they are positioned on the field. Please remind your coaches and participants that the 11v11 goals are to remain in their designated locations at all times. The smaller goals (8v8 and 6v6) can be moved around during practices, but they should not be moved from field to field. Once a practice is over, coaches must put these goals back along the perimeter of the field before they leave without blocking any walking paths at Lincoln or the track at the Center. That way, the goals won’t interfere with the next group scheduled to use the field.  The same holds true with the lacrosse goals. They should be placed along the perimeter of the field if the field is being used for soccer.

The appearance of our parks and athletic facilities is important to the Recreation Department. Having assorted goals cluttered together or scattered throughout a facility will take away from its appearance, so I appreciate the cooperation of all of you in this matter. As always, thank you for your help and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Peter  Coleman
Lexington Recreation Department