Jugglers Corner

In an effort to promote individual players’ spending more time with the ball on their own LUSC has created a “Juggler’s Corner”. The Juggler’s Corner will recognize, on our website, the players with the top 10 Juggling Scores within each age group, separated by gender, as well as awarding t-shirts to the top 5 Jugglers in each section at the end of the fall and spring seasons.

What is Juggling?

Juggling is the act of keeping the ball in the air with all parts of your body with the exception of your hands and arms. Players can use their feet, thighs, chest, head and shoulders to keep the ball elevated, but must not use their hands.

Why Juggle?

There are a number of reasons to juggle the ball. Here are just a few:

  • Improves a players touch on the ball
  • Improves a player’s ability to judge the flight of the ball
  • Improves a players balance (Don’t be a one footed juggler!)
  • There are very few exercises a player can do that provide the repetition and maximize the number of touches one receives by juggling the ball.

Begin by watching our Introduction to Juggling Video.

Who is eligible for the Juggling Corner?

All players registered with LUSC both in-town and travel.

How to report your score:

All scores should be reported to LUSC Director of Coaching, Brendan Donahue, via email with the child’s LUSC coach cc’d on the email. Scores will be recorded on an honor system basis! Scores will begin to be recorded on the Sunday following the first game of the season, and will be collected through the Sunday prior to the final game of the season. Beyond the Top 10 scores within each age group, the Juggler’s Corner will also recognize other milestones. Players that achieve these milestones will have their name remain on the LUSC website permanently.


Juggling Milestones
1000 Hall of Fame 1430 – Henry T.
1322 – Connor M.
1025 – Stefano G.
750 World Cup Status  963 – Robert L.
500 MLS Level 595 – Matt E.
536 – George V.
533 – Eric S.
525 – Caroline N.
250 Varsity Club 419 – Alfred J.
409 – Thomas S.
377 – Jessie S.
321 – Eric S.
271 – Laura C.
253 – Sagan P.W.
250 – Eleanor V.A.
100 The Triple Digit Club 245 – Josh C.
219 – Ethan W.
209 – Simon C.
209 – Adam W.
178 – Rebecca P.
174 – Leonas S.
171 – Peter W.
171 – Rachel Z.
165 – Karen O.
131 – Lewis M.
131 – Cameron C.
131 – Shira G.
127 – Alex M.
124 – Justin K.
123 – Sarah S.
120 – Addison V.E.
115 – Sam M.
112 – Josh F.
112 – Maya C.
109 – Paige L.
104 – Maya F. C.
101 – Jocelyn G.
101 – Sarah H.
Jugglers Corner
Girls Boys
U14  165 – Karen O. 1322 – Connor M.
963 – Robert L.
U9 174 – Leonas S.