LUSC Age Group Policy

Original March 2006
Revised February 2013


In terms of age the team a LUSC player is eligible for will be based on the BAYS (Boston Area Youth Soccer) “Age Groups” bylaw 5. Note that the BAYS cutoff is July 31, whereas the Lexington Public Schools cutoff is August 31. This creates a special case for children born in August; see example 3 below. Also note that second graders are not allowed to play BAYS U9, and high-school aged players are never allowed to play down an age group.

Beyond the BAYS bylaw, LUSC sets the following policy:

a. A child can always play with his grade level, without further approval from LUSC, as long as he is not playing up or down more than one year from his age group. See examples 1 and 2.

b. A child playing up in both age and grade level requires a recommendation from the Director of Coaching and concerned Division Directors, and approval of the Co-Presidents. In addition, for a child playing up, she must place in the top half of the first team of the higher age group. See example 4.


  1. Jack was born in July and his parents decided to delay kindergarten for one year. Jack is now in 4th grade. He can choose to play with his BAYS U11 age group in 5th grade without any further approval. However, if Jack wants to play with his 4th grade classmates, he must play on a BAYS U10 Division 3 or 4 team as stipulated by BAYS.
  2. Jill was born in December in another country with a December 31 enrollment deadline to start kindergarten. After completing 4th grade in that country she moved to Lexington and started 5th grade, where she is by far the youngest in her class. Jill can either play travel soccer with the 4th graders in her BAYS U10 age group, or with her 5th grade classmates in U11, without any further approval.
  3. Alice was born in August and is an age-appropriate 5th grader (one of the youngest in her class). Her BAYS age group is U10 (where she’s one of the oldest), even though most of her 5th grade classmates are U11 (BAYS cutoff is July 31, and Lexington Public Schools cutoff is August 31). She can either play down a grade with the 4th graders (U10), or up an age group with her 5th grade classmates (U11). No approval is required.
  4. Bill has been playing with his classmates in his U10 BAYS age group. However, even on the first team he is much better than his teammates, and consequently his soccer development is being stunted. The DOC and U10 division director recommend that Bill move up to U11, and the U11 division director confirms that Bill would place in the top half of the first U11 team. The LUSC Co-Presidents must make the final approval. (Note that under no circumstances can Bill skip another division and play in U12.) Bill must satisfy the same criteria to continue playing in the upper division in subsequent years.


Children normally play with their age group and grade level. However, when these don’t coincide, children must play either with their age group or their grade level. Children are not allowed to play up, or play down, in both age and grade. For example, if Rajeev is in kindergarten and is kindergarten age, then he must play with the kindergartners. If he’s in 1st grade and 1st grade age, then he must play with the 1st graders. If he’s a mix of those (K age in 1st grade, or 1st grade age in K), then he can play in either K or 1st grade.