Under the Lights Practice Schedule

Lights begin on Monday Oct. 5th. Make-up games will NOT be assigned to the lit field time slots.

Master Schedule: Practices, Pro Sessions, Fields

Please make note of any exceptions to your scheduled times. Make-up games will be posted on this schedule.

Saturday Home Games/Programs & Make-up Games

This is a consolidated 10 week schedule of the Saturday programs. It is a supplement to the BAYS schedule. Discrepancies? contact:

Referee Assignments

Saturday BAYS Home Games by Week:

WEEK 1: Sept 12

WEEK 2: Sept 19

WEEK 3: Sept 26

WEEK 4: Oct 3

WEEK 5: Oct 10

WEEK 6: Oct 17

WEEK 7: Oct 24

WEEK 8: Oct 31

WEEK 9: Nov 7

WEEK 10: Nov 14

BAYS Schedule Links by Team

Please report any conflicts you find to Tim Clackson.

>> Instructions for syncing BAYS calendars


Syncing your Calendar to BAYS

You can link your electronic calendar to the BAYS calendar so that changes on the BAYS website get automatically updated on your calendar. To sync your team’s schedule, first find your team’s BAYS schedule (example for team with id 1412: You’ll see a little calendar icon.  Hover over that and you’ll see the URL associated with that link in the bottom left hand corner of your browser.  It should look like this, with the team id at the end:

This is the link you need to add to your calendar program.  Right click on the calendar icon and select “Copy Link Location” or “Copy Link Address”.

In Google Calendar, click on the down arrow next to “Other calendars”. Select “Add by URL” and paste this URL.  Click “Add Calendar” and you should be all set.

The procedure for Outlook is similar. In the Outlook Home menu bar, select “Open Calendar”, then “From Internet”.  Paste the iCal URL. Click Yes for Add and Subscribe and you’re ready to go.  See this article for how to use overlay mode to display all of your calendars together.