The starter course for referees is the “Referee Grade 8 Entry Level Course”. You must be at least 14 years old, and complete online and in-classroom training.

 Details on how to become a referee:

  1. Set up an account with and register to take the Referee Grade 8 Entry Level Course (choose any time or place that is convenient before the start of the next season). Certification typically is for the calendar year. However, classes offered in the summer allow you to be a referee in the fall and all of the following year. 
  2. To successfully complete the Referee Grade 8 Entry Level Course the candidate must be at least 14 years of age (new age requirement as of May 2014), complete an online course, attend eight hours of classroom instruction, and pass a 50 question written test.
  3. After successfully becoming certified as a Referee Grade 8, go to the BAYS website ( and complete the “Referee Registration”. This gives you an account on BAYS to log in. Request to become a referee for Lexington and read the referee procedure handbook letting you know how the system works for accepting/rejecting and reporting games on BAYS.
  4. Send email to the LUSC In-town and BAYS/travel referee coordinator, Genci Kutrolli, and introduce yourself, give your email contact and let him know that you passed the Grade 8 Entry level class, registered with BAYS and would like to be a referee for LUSC.
  5. Buy a referee uniform kit (black referee jersey) at Tricon Sports store on Waltham Street.
  6. Referees need to take a re-certification course each year usually offered starting in July. Sign-up at
  7. At the beginning of each season, the LUSC referee coordinator will schedule a mandatory meeting for all certified referees. New referees will be assigned an account on to manage their referee assignments with LUSC.
  8. In the fall season all the in-town and travel games are accepted and reported on the US OFFICIALS website. All the referees are paid by LUSC. The rates are the same as BAYS: In addition, in-town referees are paid $20.00 per game, and the U12 AR’s are paid $15.00 per game.
  9. In the spring season the in-town games are accepted and reported on US OFFICIALS website. All in-town referees are paid by LUSC (see rates above). All BAYS travel games are accepted on US OFFICIALS and BAYS websites. These games are reported only on the BAYS website. All referees for the BAYS travel games are paid by BAYS, with the exception of the U12 AR’s who are paid by LUSC (see rate above).
  10. August 2014 – Note for existing Grade 9 12-13 year-old referees: You will be allowed to re-certify at the Grade 9 level until reaching the age of 14, after which you will be given bridge course training to move to Grade 8.
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Referee Coordinator

Genci Kutrolli,, 781-316-4031